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Marla Mason

Broken Mirrors Begins

It's Broken Mirrors time! The first chapter of my new Marla Mason novel is live now, and the first comment has my by-now-traditional authorial blathering. Please read, and tell your friends, and, if you like it (and can afford it), please donate. You get treats! And feel free to comment on the entry. I'm hoping there can be more conversation this time than there was on Bone Shop, since comments are right there on each chapter now.

In other exciting serialization news: My friend Amelia Beamer's zom-rom-com The Loving Dead is coming out later this year, and her publisher is serializing the book on her website! The first FOUR chapters went up today, with subsequent chapters to appear each Monday. (Me and Amelia: Making Mondays Better). I read an earlier draft of this book, and it's not your typical zombie novel -- though it does have all the zombie-related goodness I love. So when you're done reading mine, read hers; or vice-versa.


Wheee! Mondays are fun again!
I'm cheap so I get all my books from the library where I work. But I always went out and bought the new Marla books. Sucks that your publisher dropped the series but I'm glad it's continuing in some form. ^^


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Marla Mason

February 2011

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