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Marla Mason

Broken Mirrors Update, with New Prizes!

I spent most of last week finishing up some freelance stuff, so I didn't make as much progress on Broken Mirrors/Marla #5 as I'd hoped. I could rush things and get the serialization started in a week, but it would be a little messier than I like, so I'm setting March 7 as the start date, with plans to update with a new chapter every Monday for probably 20-25 weeks. As I mentioned last time, there are various goodies and premiums for donors who give certain amounts (several people have already donated, for which I'm grateful!), from books to postcards to chapbooks and more. All those presents will be sent out as soon as humanly possible after the serial gets finished, probably in November.

I have a new prize too: The cover artist for the first four books, Dan Dos Santos, has agreed to sign posters and fine prints of the cover art from Blood Engines, Poison Sleep, and Dead Reign! (Links take you to the artwork.)

Donors who give $400 or more get the signed poster, and those who give $600 or more also get a signed giclée print, which Dan tells me look so good they're often mistaken for originals.

Note well: you have to make the donation and tell me which book's artwork you want by October 1, 2010 -- that's when we're placing the order for prints and posters, and, I hope, giving Dan a hand cramp from having so many pieces to sign!

Here's the updated list of goodies:

What you get for what amount (people outside the US/Canada will need to pay a little more for things that require shipping). Every successive level also includes the goodies from the previous levels, so the more you give, the more you get:

Below $10: My heartfelt thanks, because it really does add up.

$10 and up: Your name in the acknowledgments of the print version and online.

$20 and up: A Marla Mason bookmark.

$40 and up ($50 and up overseas): A signed limited edition chapbook featuring a new Marla Mason story.

$60 and up ($70 and up overseas): A free, signed print copy of Broken Mirrors as soon as it's available.

$100 and up ($110 and up overseas): A personal handwritten postcard from Marla to you. May contain light profanity and bad doodles.

$200 and up: A single-page Marla comic, artist TBA, suitable for framing.

$300 and up: I name a character -- or spell, or aircraft, or something else in the book -- after you, or use a name we mutually agree upon. It's a great gift: immortalize your loved ones! Or yourself.

$400 and up: A poster of the cover art from your choice of Blood Engines, Poison Sleep, or Dead Reign, signed by artist Daniel Dos Santos.

$600 and up: A giclée print of the cover art from your choice of Blood Engines, Poison Sleep, or Dead Reign, signed by artist Daniel Dos Santos.

$2000 and up: I'll write a Marla Mason short story just for you, to be produced in a signed chapbook limited edition of a single copy.

$5,000 and up: I'll dedicate Broken Mirrors to you.

$10,000 and up: I'll hand-deliver a print copy to your door and make you a nice dinner at a time of our mutual agreement, and do a reading for you and your friends. (Destinations outside the US may require additional airfare. Query if you live in Australia or Europe or something and you're interested and we'll figure it out.)

Amounts are cumulative, so if you do many small donations, you get rewards based on the total you donated during the months the book is being posted.

Anyone interested in sending a check instead should mail tapratt at marlamason dot net, and I'll provide an address.

The fun starts in two weeks! I can't wait for all of you to meet Crapsey... and the jaguar... and and and...


Wheeeeeeeeeeeee! Can't wait!!!

A few questions: What's a glicée print? How big are the posters? And could you sign the posters as well?

By the way, I was looking through Mr. Santos' website and I came across this picture. It looks like something out of Marla, don't you think? http://www.dandossantos.com/gallery/illustrations/full_eotc.jpg
Giclée prints are high-quality prints made via inkjet printing (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gicl%C3%A9e). Dan tells me they look awesome. I'll check with him about the sizes. I could indeed sign the posters if people wanted -- Dan will send them to me, and I'll distribute them from there.

Dan's urban-fantasy style work kicks ass. Actually I love pretty much all his art.



Will people be notified when the prizes are shipped? Also, will it be possible to purchase the print book as gifts (this would be the perfect surprise for my Mum for Christmas)?

Re: Prizes

If I'm sufficiently organized, they will be notified! Everything will go out as soon after the conclusion of the serial by humanly possible. Definitely by the end of 2010 unless some catastrophe ensues.

I think the print book should be available by Xmas (I'm not publishing it, so I can make no personal guarantees, but I expect it to be).


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