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Marla Mason

Bone Shop on the Kindle

Bone Shop is available for the Kindle. So everyone who asked me to do that -- go buy it!


Do you think you could maybe make it available on Amazon through Lulu? I'd love to buy it, but I don't have a Kindle, and it'd be great to have Bone Shop on my shelf with the other four books.
Yes, a print version is in the works.
Excellent, I can't wait :D
Any chance of the people who commented and stuff getting into the acknowledgements? ;D
I mentioned a few people who helped out in various specific ways, but didn't try to list everyone who pointed out typos or spread the word or donated, etc. -- there were too many, and I would have inevitably left someone out and hurt their feelings, so I stuck with broad and non-specific thanks.


Bone Shop is Awesome!

I bought myself a Kindle after moving and realizing that my book collection was getting out of hand. The first thing I wanted on it was a copy of "Dead Reign" because it is my favorite book. I saw that "Bone Shop" was also available. I had seen it on your blog before but didn't want to read it in sections (I also felt guilty reading it for free.) I purchased Bone Shop and LOVE IT!!! I stayed up till 3 last night reading it. Well worth the lack of sleep. I wish you the best of luck with your future writings! I want the next books for Marla to be published!!!!!! If there is some petition I can sign somewhere for a publisher to realize how amazing these books are, let your readers know.



I generally read books on my train commute via the kindle - and I've been hoping Bone Shop would come out in this form. When I realized it had I immediately purchased it and just finished reading it. Such a bittersweet experience - an absolute gem of a book - but perhaps the last MM book?

I'm an extremely picky reader and will frequently bail on books which stylistically rub me wrong (absurdly gritty, overly baroque settings, one dimensional characters/stories, and all the other failures one finds in speculative fictions) - and TA Pratt is one of the few authors who appears to take meticulous care of his prose and characters, treating them with love as independent entities whose lives he is merely reflecting to us.

I continue to push his books on my friends - I hope that the self-published experience has been one which invites him to continue in this format... for an author who does really well without a editor (bone shop proves he can self edit) he has the potential to be one of the first truly successful self-published authors in the information age.
I just noticed that Bone Shop came out in Kindle format. I'm so glad! I just purchased it. Thanks for making it available! I'd read most of it in serial format before getting distracted by something. I really look forward to finishing it more comfortably :)
Marla Mason

February 2011

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