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Marla Mason

Bone Shop: Part Eighteen

The final chapter.

Chapter 18

In which endings, of a sort, are attained.

Chapter 18 notes: Trivia and authorial blather


It's over! *wails*

Really, though, spectacular ending.
I'm always saddest when I reach The End.

I hope someone picks up the novels, they have been such fun.
Ah... I knew it, though I didn't see the forgetting potion coming.

Well, it's been a rather fun eighteen weeks. It's been a really great experience for me to talk to one of my favourite authors, and I'll make sure to check your blog often. I'll also try to donate. I hope your troubles will be over soon.


Bone shop

Hiya, just wanted to let you know that Marla has at least one fan in Scotland! I found your book on feedbooks and afterwards I bought the others for download... Loved them all and couldn't wait for the next! I was gutted when you said it wasn't to be published but then you put Bone Shop online, for free, at a chapter a week and I've been hooked! Today I didn't want to read it as it would be finished... But I REALLY enjoyed every word. I loved it, I did wonder who that was in Dead Reign and was excited when it all came together. So neat! So brilliant! I love your writing and will be checking for any more marla. I've read the short stories (I love B and NEED to know what happens re: Rondeau and B!) and I think you are a genius. Wish they were on screen too. Keep going! Best of luck to you and your wife, thanks again from Tracey in Scotland xx


This ending was fantastic! After I read last week's installment, I thought to myself: "what about that guy in the Underworld? We never see Marla kill him and it was early in her career?"

And then you answered in such a meaningful way! My hat is off to you because this prequel novel was so very interesting. It only wet's my appetite for more and I very much hope you get the opportunity to write more of this character.


Thank you

Have purchased all 4 of your Marla books and loved them all.
Was very disappointed when you said that no more were being published as I love the world and the characters so much.
Thank you for writing this pre-qual, I really enjoyed it, and yes I did donate (twice). I really hope you can find a way to continue writing about Marla.
Good luck with everything you write in the future, both Marla and non-Marla related.

Marla Mason

February 2011

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